About the Author

I am a Dallas, Texas attorney in my early 60's. I was born and raised in New York and moved to Houston in 1982 and Dallas in 1995. I was raised Roman Catholic but became agnostic in my early 20s. At around age 43, I began researching religion. I first went back into Catholicism but within about two years I converted to Protestantism. I now consider myself Messianic.

I have attended a pentecostal Methodist church since October 1995 where I run the Internet Outreach Ministry, teach in the childrenís program and sing in a choir. Since December 1999 I have also attended Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue. For about a year I attended Zola Levitt's Shalom Shalom Congregation which considered itself to be Messianic but only had about six Jewish members. Since May 2003 I have also attended the Friday-night worship service at Temple Emanu-El, a Reform synagogue. 

I hold a B.A. in foreign languages, spent a year in a Ph.D. program in German and linguistics (no degree), I hold a Juris Doctor (law) degree, and I subsequently completed 24 semester hours of accounting courses. I also took several non-credit courses to get a real estate brokerís license. I am self-taught in electronics and computer programming. I have completed about 30 courses in Protestant, Messianic and rabbinic (non-messianic) Judiasm and theology and three courses in biblical Hebrew and also have extensive additional private study.

Regarding my work background, I worked for ten years as an electronic technician and have worked on occasion as a contract database programmer.  I have been licensed as an attorney since 1982 and have about 23 years of experience in law, mainly in collections and healthcare. 

I am also the webmaster (both technical maintenance and content creation) of an extensive set of Christian and Messianic websites, e.g., www.GodOnThe.Net, www.WhatTheBibleTeaches.com, www.DidGodLie.com, www.MessianicOutreach.com, www.MessianicPassover.com, www.Temple-of-Faith.org, www.RomanCatholicTeachings.com, and some in Spanish and Russian that do not have separate domain names.

I originally published this article on Wikipedia. However, on Wikipedia certain topics draw an extremely biased crowd that constantly removes or grossly distorts anything that disagrees with their view. Eventually the serious contributors who actually research and document their contributions get tired and stop contributing, which was the case with me. Posting the material as a website allows it to be presented without constant vandalism.